Becoming A Proper Sissy — A Girly Mindset

Summary Of This Video

Hypnotic Trance for Subconscious Reprogramming: The transcript involves guiding the listener into a deep hypnotic trance to access and modify the deepest parts of their subconscious mind, aiming to make permanent changes to their personality and behavior.

Embracing Feminine Interests: The session emphasizes developing a deep interest in traditionally feminine activities and items, such as women’s fashion, makeup, jewelry, and reading women’s magazines like Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Elle.

Social Comfort with Women: It encourages the listener to become comfortable interacting with women, making female friends, and engaging in conversations about feminine topics like clothes and makeup.

Feminine Role Models and Jealousy: The hypnotist suggests that the listener should feel inspired by and sometimes jealous of pretty girls, aspiring to emulate their style, body, and behavior.

Acceptance of Feminine Identity: The session seeks to help the listener recall childhood memories of feminine desires and to fully accept and embrace their feminine identity, finding joy and peace in this acceptance.

Transcription of This Video

We are now going to take you down into a deep hypnotic trance where we can access the deepest part of your subconscious mind and make permanent changes to your personality and behavior.

Concentrate on line where it’s no princess, concentrate on my voice as if it is the most important thing you have ever heard. Now you know everything I tell you is true and you will happily and gratefully obey every suggestion I give you.

It feels so good to accept new thoughts and ideas, it feels so good to open them in a positive way. You are so eager to hear what I am about to say. We are about to talk about something fun and exciting and I know you are going to enjoy this.

We are going to talk about girls. That’s right we are going to talk about pretty girls and explore the way you feel about them. We are going to help you bring lots of girls into your life. You are going to become 100 percent comfortable talking to any girl and you are going to get used to hanging out with girls all the time.

You are going to have lots of female friends. You just need some guidance and some encouragement to become the way you need to be. You see, proper sissies have so much in common with women and find it easy to make lots of female friends. To become a proper [ __ ] we need to change some of your perceptions and some of your instincts. Listen to me princess, listen to me very carefully, this is important. You have to learn the proper way to think about girls from now on.

You need to learn how to behave like a proper [ __ ]. But don’t worry princess, soon you will respond like a [ __ ] to all women. We are going to modify your brain so you always have proper thoughts from now on. Let me explain, you see what a [ __ ] see is a pretty girl. She notices so much more than just her body, she notices how pretty her dress is or the stem of her jeans. She notices her shoes, whether she is wearing boots, high-heeled flats, or sandals. She pays attention to her jewelry, her earrings, her bracelets, her rings, and her necklaces.

She notices how her nails are painted and manicured, she checks out her hair, how it’s styled and if she has highlights or curls. She examines her lipstick, her Rouge, her mascara, her eyeliner. When a [ __ ] sees a pretty girl she gave close attention to her clothes, her shoes, her jewelry, her makeup, and her hairstyle. And it is perfectly normal for a [ __ ] to complement the girl on her outfit or her accessories or talk to girls about their clothes, their shoes, their jewelry, their makeup, or their hairstyle. Sissies really love talking to girls about feminine things.

Princess, you are a [ __ ] and you want to be just like the pretty girls you see. They inspire you to wear girls’ clothes, they make you want to paint your nails, they remind you how much you want a sexy feminine style and wear earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They make you wish you had a huge wardrobe of girls’ clothes and shoes. They make you want to wear bras and panties and stockings and sexy lingerie.

Princess, it should be obvious to you now that you love women’s fashion and that is why you are really going to enjoy reading women’s magazines. Whenever you see these magazines on the shelf you are going to feel the burning desire to pick them up, to read them, to check out what celebrities are wearing, to look at all the sexy pictures, to read fashion tips and tricks, and to learn more about how to be that way.

Princess, you are going to absolutely adore women’s magazines. They are perfect for you. Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Allure, Seventeen, it’s so sexy to read them, to look at fashion, and to learn and to feel like a sexy [ __ ]. You want to be elegant and glamorous, you want to be as prissy, girlish, and feminine as possible.

Whenever you see a pretty girl, you think about fashion and you check out what she’s wearing. You fantasize about being beautiful, you want to wear her clothes, you fantasize about having her and look at her style. You can’t help imagining what it would be like to wear her clothes and have a body like hers. The prettier she is, the more you want to be like her and this makes you feel a little jealous.

You have to admit that you feel a little jealous of pretty girls. Princess, it is perfectly normal to feel a little jealous of the women you admire. Yes, princess, from now on you will notice yourself feeling jealous of all the pretty girls you see. You want to have a body like hers, you want to wear clothes, makeup, jewelry, and shoes like hers. Feel how you want to be that way more and more with every breath.

You are going to want to read women’s magazines and you are going to learn to love anything that is popular with the girls. You are going to feel compelled to watch shows and movies that girls love. Princess, you are going to discover that you love romantic comedies and that you can easily relate to female characters and imagine yourself in their place.

You are going to discover that you love ballet and Broadway musicals and ice skating, and you are going to seek out music by female artists that makes you feel girly and listen to it. You want to be a woman more than anything, you think like a woman. Ever since childhood, if you felt drawn to feminine things, perhaps you felt like a girl your whole life, like you’ve always been a girl on the inside or perhaps sometimes you wish you would have been born as a girl.

Perhaps you’ve always felt uncomfortable as a boy or you feel like a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Princess, I want you to think back to when you were a child. It is possible that you’ve forgotten or suppressed some of your girlish childhood memories, but I want you to do your best to try to remember them for me now. I want you to stop trying to find them and begin to improve them.

Perhaps you can remember wanting to play with dolls or Barbies or glitter or jewelry or wear pretty dresses. Perhaps you used to pretend to be a princess or a fairy or a witch or a nurse or a fashion model. Princess, you may have blocked or repressed these memories so it’s very important you remember. We are going to help you remember.

Perhaps as a kid, you wanted to be pretty and girly and wished you could do all the things that girls get to do. Perhaps you wanted to join the Girl Scouts and sell Girl Scout cookies or play girls’ games at recess or read girls’ books or have slumber parties with the other girls. Perhaps you felt a little jealous when you noticed the other girls starting to grow breasts. Perhaps you wanted to go to prom as a girl and secretly fantasized about wearing a beautiful prom dress. Perhaps you had fantasies about being one of the cheerleaders. Perhaps you’ve always felt a little jealous of the other girls in school.

Perhaps you noticed yourself wanting to go to the mall with the other girls or perhaps you found yourself wanting to change in the girls’ locker room. Maybe you didn’t know exactly why you felt this way, maybe these feelings expressed themselves in other areas of your life that you didn’t fully understand. Whatever the case may be, I want you to accept yourself for who you are and stop trying to hide from it. Take a deep breath princess and let it out as you feel the joy and peace of total acceptance.

And now that you are feeling so sweet and girly and just like a princess and so accepting of yourself, let’s focus on this feeling and allow it to grow even stronger.

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